HCC professor incorporates culture

Lorianne DeLoreto, Contributing Writer

“The Spanish language is not just a language to learn, it is a culture to embrace.”

Professor Veronica Bradley, educator at HCC, is passionate about her native language as well as giving students an understanding of the Spanish culture. “Learning the language itself can be very frustrating.” stated Bradley, “To bring cultural awareness to the experience gives students a window to the world, teaching them compassion toward the Spanish community.” Bradley, a native of El Salvador, originally had visions of becoming a lawyer. After much soul searching, she made a conscious decision to teach the Spanish language with the passion she has for her culture. “Some educators do not have the privilege to bring their life experiences to their classroom.” stated Bradley, “I am fortunate to bring this diversity to my classroom every day. I am passionate about what I do; I cannot see myself doing anything else.” This passion is evident in the testimony of her students. Eileen Bishop, a student at HCC, feels that out of the six Spanish teachers she has had over the years, this has by far been her most positive experience. “Her enthusiastic attitude makes the class fun.” Stated Bishop “Her in-depth understanding of grammar has helped me finally grasp some of the more challenging aspects of learning the language.”