Is the NFL rigged?


Emma Oliver, Hawkeye Staff


From bad calls to typical outcomes football fans across America have spoken up about their belief that the NFL is rigged. Now there is no solid evidence to support this conspiracy, but there is quite a lot of claims from fans who have seen one too many bad calls.

With the 2019 Super Bowl just passing, and the Patriots win yet another one. Tom Brady now adds a sixth ring to his collection. But a lot of NFL fans will attest to the case that four of those rings were awarded after cheating. This case was better known as the Deflate-gate, which began in early 2015 and ended on July 2016. This case alleged that Tom Brady ordered the deflation of the game balls, which alters playing performance and is against the rules of the NFL. But even after confessing, Brady was suspended for only four games, the team was fined 1 million and docked two draft choices. To many non-Patriots’ fans this punishment seemed like a slap on the wrist, but could the NFL afford to lose Brady or Belichick?

The NFL rakes in billions of dollars in revenue, to be specific according to Investopedia, “In 2017, the NFL earned a reported $14.2 billion in revenue.” Conspiracy theorists would argue that all that money causes some form of corruption.

Memes of the NFL being rigged have flooded the internet and social media, there is even a trending hashtag on Instagram, #NFLisRigged. People across America have expressed their opinion, now the question is how do the students of HCC feel about the conspiracy?

A poll of 93 students was taken and 63 percent of the students voted in favor of the conspiracy where a slim 36 percent stuck in favor of the NFL. When asked if he believes if the NFL is rigged, HCC student, George Ritchie replied, “Yes! Goodell has his hands in every team, and he is a clown.” For those of you who don’t know who the clown he was referring to, is Roger Goodell the commissioner of the NFL.

The stance amongst HCC students stood strong against the NFL’s truthfulness, is it because of questionable calls made by the persecuted referees or certain teams or player winning questionable amounts. But, like the people flooding social media, public opinion seems to be conjuring up more evidence for this conspiracy.

Until the NFL releases a statement regarding their rigging of games and so forth, the so-called truth lies in the hands and minds of the conspiracy theorists. Will football lovers across America be awakened next time they catch a ref make a terrible call? The memes, tweets, and podcasts will continue to swarm the internet, but will the fans stop watching NFL games?

Guess you better stay tuned for the next football season to see if your opinion is swayed as many others have.