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Pierce The Veil back in Florida

Jason Turner, Staff

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  Last May, the San Diego post-hardcore band, Pierce The Veil put out their fourth album, “Misadventures,” and has been touring the world ever since. In October 2016, they played in Orlando and St. Pete, and now they are coming back to the area. During the last weekend of April 2017, Piece The Veil will be playing the WXTB Rockfest in Tampa, Fort Rock in Ft. Myers, and Welcome To Rockville in Jacksonville. Jamie Preciado, the band’s bassist recently took time to discuss the band and tour.

  The title of the album, “Misadventures,” “fit the most just because it literally described how we made the record and what we went through to make the record.” The band wrote songs all over the world while touring between studio sessions and even did something they had never done before – they wrote two of the songs, “Sambuka” and “Song For Isabelle” in the studio.
The first song on the record, “Dive In” is currently Jaime’s favorite to play live because he feels it encapsulates everything that Pierce The Veil is. There is “fast punk stuff, really pretty ‘epicy’ sounding stuff, and heavy stuff in that song; it’s all over the place but you get a good grasp of what we’re trying to do.”

  Before the shows during the tours last year, Pierce the Veil played a video that had animations of the artwork for their new record that culminated in a spaceship, which is one of the drawings, crash landing. The screen would rise up and the band would come out of the ship and start playing. The set piece was inspired by the Star Tours ride at Disney where the ship goes “through all kinds of crazy different scenes.” The band “crash lands in a new city every night;” however, the band plans to do something completely different, especially at the Florida shows.

  Usually at festivals like the ones Pierce The Veil will be playing, bands only play their “hits” that most people know. Pierce The Veil pick songs “to give a little bit of a ride” because the members want to play music from all four records, not just playing “all new songs or all old songs.” They may even play some songs they have never played before live. Preciado says they like to keep changing their set to keep it “fun and interesting” for them. They also listen to the fans to make sure to play fan-favorites, but they sometimes change the songs to make them fresh. They have currently been playing one of their older songs acoustically with a piano for a mood change and it “has been going great.”
Preciado has some advice for college students. “We always talk about giving things time and letting that sort you out as far as what you want to do… and build a little bit of confidence in yourself. Keep doing what you love and give things time. Learn to make mistakes and learn from them.”

  Check out Pierce The Veil at one of their upcoming Florida shows.

Thomas Falcone
Pierce the Veil is currently touring in Florida.

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Pierce The Veil back in Florida