2019-2020 Staff

Yacob Reyes


Yacob Reyes is the Editor-in-Chief for The Hawkeye Yacob Reyes was born in Tampa, Florida in December of 2000. Reyes attended Gaither High School, graduated in 2019, and is currently pursuing his associate's degree in M...

Cole Maines

Design Editor

Cole Maines is the Design Editor for The Hawkeye Cole Maines was born in Tampa, Florida, in August of 2001. Maines went to magnet elementary and middle schools in Ybor, then highschool at H.B Plant High School in South...

Tessa Chestnut

Staff Writer

Stephen Clarke

Staff Writer

Stephen Clarke is a Staff Writer for The Hawkeye Stephen Clarke, 22, is a native of the Tampa Bay area. Stephen is currently finishing up his sophomore year at Hillsborough Community College, majoring in Mass Communications. Ste...

C.I. Bacino

Staff Writer

C.I. Bacino is a Staff Writer for The Hawkeye C.I. Bacino was born in Barquisimeto, Venezuela, in December of 1992. He immigrated to the U.S. in September 2015, and right after his arrival, he began studying English as a se...

Wanda Mainardi

Staff Writer

Wanda Mainardi is a Staff Writer for The Hawkeye Wanda Mainardi was born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, in August of 1999. She attended a bilingual school, graduated in 2018, and is currently studying for a degree in Mass Communi...

Michelle Pavao

Staff Writer

Michelle Pavao is a Staff Writer for The Hawkeye Michelle Pavao was born in Pembroke, Bermuda, in July of 1994. Pavao recently graduated from Hillsborough Community College in Mass Communications with a concentratio...

Matt Goedeke

Staff Writer

Matt Goedeke is a Staff Writer for The Hawkeye Matt Goedeke was born in San Diego, California, in September of 1998. Matt has lived in Tampa, Florida for 17 years, and is currently studying for an associate's degree at Hillsb...

Timothy Katon

Staff Writer

Timothy Katon is a Staff Writer for The Hawkeye Timothy Katon was born in Plymouth, New Hampshire, in January of 1998. Tim moved to Tampa, Florida when he was ten years old, and then graduated from Foundation Christian Academ...

Alexandra Rodriguez

Staff Writer

Alexandra Rodriguez is a Staff Writer for The Hawkeye Alexandra Rodriguez is a 20-year-old Florida native. Rodriguez is currently in her last semester at Hillsborough Community College, and in December she will earn her Associ...

Brandon Soto

Staff Writer

Brandon Soto is a Staff Writer for The Hawkeye Brandon Soto was born in Brooklyn, New York in April 1998.  Soto grew up in Brooklyn and moved to Mulberry, Florida in 2009.  Soto plans to pursue a career in Journalism and is current...

Korey Jackson

Staff Writer

Korey Jackson is a Staff Writer for The Hawkeye Korey Jackson was born in Brandon, Florida and currently resides in the bay area. Jackson is pursuing a degree in Mass Communications. He plans to be a script writer either for sketch...

Kayla Downey

Staff Writer

Kayla Downey is a Staff Writer for The Hawkeye Kayla Downey, 20, was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and moved to Tampa during high school. She is currently pursuing an Associates degree in Mass Communications at Hillsborough Communi...

Jason Turner

Staff Writer

Jason Turner is a Staff Writer for The Hawkeye Jason Turner grew up and went to school in New Mexico.  While in school, he worked at the radio station and then worked for a number of record labels.  He now teache...

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