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The Happy Gourd

Happy Halloween from The Hawkeye
Emele Gaspar, Staff Writer October 25, 2023

Local teams and businesses drive through the parade in Jeeps and convertibles. Tampa Roller Derby members skated through the parade and threw beads while passing out flyers for their first game.

Welcome to The Haus of Tampa Pride

Meghan Bowman, Staff March 16, 2023

The Tampa Pride Diversity Parade and Festival is more than just famous drag queens and a flashy parade; it’s a community-driven event providing education and promoting equality for the LGBTQ community...

Caitlin Frostman as Hannah and Amanda Rodriguez as Ash in Hierarchy of Fish

“Hierarchy of Fish” sells out at HCC’s Studio Theatre

Jason Turner, Staff November 26, 2019

All five performances of the play “Hierarchy of Fish” were sold out at the Studio Theatre on the Ybor campus from Nov. 7-10. The play was written specifically for HCC, Birmingham Southern College and...

Breonna Pendleton
Artworks at The Met are displayed in huge areas that allow visitors to fully experience the scope of the work.

The Met

Mirna Abushanab, Hawkeye Staff May 6, 2019

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Met for short, is best known for hosting the Met Gala in the Upper East Side of New York City.  The Met is the largest mu­seum in the country (with three locations)....

Hamilton: Who is the real hero?

Hamilton: Who is the real hero?

Maggie Pollitt, Hawkeye Staff May 6, 2019

“How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a Scotsman, dropped in the middle of a forgotten spot in the Caribbean by providence, impoverished, in squalor, grow up to be a hero and a scholar?” “How...

Savor the surrealists this spring semester

Emma Oliver, Staff February 27, 2019

If you are a fan of the arts or just want incredible photo-ops, take a trip to The Dali Museum and wit­ness their exhibition Mag­ritte & Dali. This is not a permanent exhibit, so it is a must...

Laughs at the Improv

Laughs at the Improv

Yesenia Bustamnate, Staff November 5, 2018

Down the historic streets of Ybor City is a small venue that has hosted many great comedians on their way to commercial stardom, and it is a comfortable, two story setting for attendees to get a good view...

HCC galleries feature a Fountain of Pythons and Cutting Edge Fine Art

Madison Schleicher, Staff October 3, 2018

A Florida-based photography collective is the first of the semester to be featured at the HCC art gallery in Ybor City. The collection was featured at the HCC Performing Arts Building, Aug. 20- Sept. 20....

A work of art titled “Charge” uses vibrant colors and dramatic images.

P. Smith: Unfiltered @Gallery 221

May 1, 2018

People chattered with excitement at the Gallery 221 reception for Utopias by Mark Thomas Gibson, William Villalongo and Princess Smith: Unfiltered. It was clear to see from the moment you arrive that this...

The cast and crew of The Sentence provide Q & A time with the audience.

Making art from pain

Jason Turner, Staff April 9, 2018

Some say the best art comes from painful experiences. If one were to watch many of the films screened at Sundance Film Festival 2018, one would believe the current filmmakers have taken this advice to...

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