Savor the surrealists this spring semester

Emma Oliver, Staff

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Dali Museum goers explore the fascinating cloud room featured at the Magritte & Dali exhibit.

  If you are a fan of the arts or just want incredible photo-ops, take a trip to The Dali Museum and witness their exhibition, Magritte & Dali. This is not a permanent exhibit, so it is a must see before it closes on May 19. Walk through the giant red curtains to unveil jaw-dropping masterpieces by both these world-wide celebrated surrealists.
  As a student, the cost of doing something or going somewhere is always a deciding factor. Luckily at the Dali Museum, there are discounts for students. The original cost of admission at the museum is $24, with your student ID admission cost is only $17; but the deals don’t stop there, after 5 p.m. on Thursday admission costs $10.

  Rene Magritte and Salvador Dali cause viewers to question the perception of vision and reality in their works of art. Visit this exhibit, and you’ll find yourself examining every brush stroke these artists made. Dali and Magritte both had a large emphasis on their surroundings and the human body, specifically the female anatomy. Everyone from everywhere may see different objects and ideas within one painting.

  Visitors from Indonesia, Fransiscus Fendrian, 19 and John Machaffie, 23. were fascinated by the “Javanese Mannequin” by Salvador Dali. It is one of the displays within the nudes/bodies section of the exhibition. Coming from the other side of the world, these visitors were shocked to find a piece of artwork that incorporated their Javanese culture in a very interesting way. As you stroll through this exhibit, you will witness paintings and sculptures of the human body created by Dali and Magritte. For fun, question yourself who created which piece to see if you can submerge yourself into the artist’s point of view.

   Not only is this exhibition filled with some of the pieces by Dali and Magritte, but the museum also incorporated some interactive sections within the exhibit. Take a turn through the curtains and find yourself in the clouds…literally. Videos of moving clouds are projected onto the floors and every wall in this interactive room, as well as 3-D cloud light fixtures. You can hear the museum-goers claim, “they felt as if they were in heaven.”

Visitors enjoyed the interactive selfie station, where they became part of Magritte’s famous painting, “The Son of Man”.

  Walk through another set of curtains and become part of the art with video generated photos. Stand in front of the camera and see yourself as the center of the famous Magritte painting “The Son of Man”.

   Make sure to experience the Magritte & Dali exhibit this spring and lay your eyes on intriguing works of art and take advantage of all the amazing photo-ops. Discounts, a lovely drive on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, and surrealist masterpieces at The Dali Museum calls for an astounding day in Saint Petersburg.

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Emma Oliver, Staff Writer

Emma Oliver is a Staff Writer of The Hawkeye

Emma Oliver, 19, is a Miami, Florida native. Oliver graduated from Seabreeze High School in 2017. She is...

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Savor the surrealists this spring semester