Free counseling services for students

Carissa Costello, Staff

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Professional counselors are available at every HCC campus to provide free services to students in need. Valuable support is available to help students cope with difficulties that might otherwise hinder their academic success.


Counselors aid students with an assortment of issues related to school and with personal problems. Common difficulties students seek assistance for are GPA restrictions, testing anxiety and stress management.


Nicole Bargeron, a counselor at HCC’s Brandon Campus, has been working in the counseling center since May but has been with the college for 10 years in disability services. “The majority of students that come to us are for GPA restrictions. People will come in because their GPAs have gone below a 2.0, and we decide the best plan of action to get them off restriction,” Bargeron says.


Students without academic grievances such as GPA restrictions, probation and late withdrawal can also benefit from the counseling center. Bargeron says that many students are unaware of the free personal counseling the center provides. “If students are having a bad day or stress-related issues, they can come and talk to us about it,” says Bargeron.


Counselors are on hand to help talk students through their classes and offer vital resources. Bargeron says, “I had a student recently where we sat down and did planning for the semester to learn how to use the planner and organize it. [The student] lost motivation and did not know how to keep up with assignments.” She adds that she is there to talk about whatever comes up. For example, students have gone to discuss relationship issues that are affecting their schooling.


If student feel suicidal, counselors have been there to assess their needs. Furthermore, HCC utilizes care reports, a college-wide resource. “People can submit what we call a care report if they are concerned about someone, and we can get wellness checks on them. Counselors will get involved and follow up,” says Bargeron.


Those in need of weekly therapy are referred out. Bargeron says, “we have agencies like the student assistance program that is free, but it is only for three sessions. We usually start them out there.” However, there are many resources in the area. Counselors can do the research and provide students with free resources in the community.


Those interested in attending counseling can stop by Student Services or set up an appointment by calling their campus.

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Carissa Costello, Staff

Carissa Costello is a Staff Writer for The Hawkeye
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Free counseling services for students