More magic arriving at Hogsmede

Jaalin Harvey

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For nearly a decade, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter has been delighting guests at Universal Orlando Resort’s Islands of Adventure theme park. If you have been to the wizarding world recently you might have noticed that the Dragon Challenge coaster is now gone and there is construction going on its old plot of land. Well coming soon, you will be closer than ever to seeing the fantastic beasts of the Wizarding World up close on a new thrilling rollercoaster. Although it hasn’t been formally announced by Universal Creative, there is speculation from online blogs and websites detailing that the next attraction coming to the Wizarding World is a rollercoaster. It is speculated it will be themed to the lovable groundskeeper of Hogwarts, Hagrid. The only thing Universal has released is a teaser poster showing rollercoaster tracks rolling through the woods that surround Hogwarts castle and that this coaster will be a “Family Coaster”. Meaning that this coaster won’t be as intense as the former occupant of the land. This coaster will not feature any inversions or corkscrews.

According to the blog, Theme Park University, it is rumored that the ride will take place in the infamous forbidden forest from the franchise. Those who are familiar with the forbidden forest will note that there are several creatures that live there. It is speculated that many of these creatures will be created using Universal’s tried and true tradition of using large video screens. There is a chance that animatronic figures may be featured on the attractions. This is, of course, all speculation given that none of this has been formally announced by Universal. Although if you stand over near the Hogwarts train station, you will be able to see the placing of the tracks and a few of the construction buildings. Although Universal has a notorious record for a quick turnaround in the creation of building attractions, not much has been released in terms of information from Universal.

“I don’t really know what it’s going to be about,” Spoke Rebecca, a team member stationed at the butterbeer stand in the middle of Hogsmeade village. “I’m excited to ride, though,” she added.

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