Deadpool the Movie: Review Deadpool fans are finally feeling the love from 20th Century Fox


Jason Kruse, Staff Writer

  On Feb. 12, 2016, as people were planning and preparing for Valentine’s Day, fans of the popular comic book hero Deadpool flooded the theaters, and it must be said, movie goers and the fans of Deadpool are feeling the love.

  Fans have been anxiously waiting for the Deadpool movie, and they got an early Valentine’s Day gift.

  So much so that Deadpool has a Certifi ed Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and has made $85.2 million breaking last year’s Fifty Shades of Grey record during its opening weekend.

  It also made more money than the last Marvel film to be released, which was Fantastic Four back in 2015 which made $56 million domestically.

  Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, Gina Carano, Ed Skrein and T.J. Miller, is simply a love story and origin story of the Merc with the Mouth.

  Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, went from charming mouth talking mercenary doing small jobs, who once diagnosed with cancer, signs up to become a super soldier and eventually cure his cancer.

  He then evolves into the character that fans know and love, and sets himself on a personal contract to save his old girlfriend, and strike out for revenge.

  Some cons of the movie are very minor. Movie goers will notice that not only is there a lack of other X-Men or the hilarious bantering between Deadpool and Wolverine that fans have always known from the Origin film. Some could debate that Reynolds make up is not as grotesque as Deadpool from the comics, but the most noticeable flaw is the villains of the film since they were more obscure for a Deadpool movie with no real motive.

  Good news, though, Deadpool in the movie literally makes jokes that makes these cons tolerable.

  The pros of the movie were everything else in the film. The jokes were hilarious, the action was grotesque yet hilarious, the simplistic plot works to Deadpoolís advantage, the cinematography was colorful and detailed and the casting was excellent; but the biggest pro of this movie is the direction 20th Century Fox took to make this movie, and this was done because of the fans of Deadpool.

  However, movie goers and fans who have seen this movie all agree about the content of the film: it earns its “R” rating.

  The content in this movie is so graphic and sexual that this movie is not for anyone who is sensitive to Deadpool’s kind of humor and it is not for children.

  Fans also urge parents to not take their children to this movie if they are expecting your typical superhero.

  Jim, 52, had never been exposed to Deadpool before until he saw the movie. He said, “My two sons, James and Jason have been talking about this movie for a while, and at first they were very skeptical to show me it,” he said. “I saw it with them, and I had a blast with constant laughter. This was my first time exposed to the character,” he added.