Luke Cage (Netflix Review)


October 24, 2016

Jason Kruse , Staff

     For those who do not know, Luke Cage is a Marvel Comics superhero. And due to the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Netflix exclusive shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones have done well. Luke Cage, a character introduced in Jessica Jones, is a genetically made superhero who has super strength and durable skin. Luke Cage essentially becomes a hero for hire in Harlem.         

     The con of Luke Cage is the pacing. Some parts of the series feels out of order and because it feels out of order, some parts that build up characterization drag on a bit. There is an episode in the series that shows the audience his origin, which overall pays homage to the 1970s version of Luke Cage, but in truth this part dragged a bit since it was halfway through the series.  

     However, this show has a lot of pros, the biggest one being what makes the Netflix MCU series stand out – the character driven plot. Mike Colter, the actor playing Luke Cage, plays the part well, driving Luke’s character as if he is real. From his struggle to having durable skin down to his overall morality in doing good is acted so well that the politics of the series makes it something worth seeing, especially with the recent events. The other pros, which include the soundtrack, the action, and the overall atmosphere of the series, can be summed up as a more modern version of Shaft. The soundtrack sounds great with bits of Harlem jazz, the action is over the top, and it is always nice to hear little references from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

     Luke Cage is a must watch! The series is another welcomed addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and will continue to strive alongside The Punisher, Iron Fist, and the upcoming Defenders series. If anyone does not have a Netflix account, now is a great time to get one! Luke Cage gets a 9 out of 10.