Priceless Movie Review


Jason Kruse, Staff

     “Priceless,” an independent movie that was produced by Roadside Attraction Films and partnered with popular pop band For King and Country, was released on October 14, 2016. The movie is titled as the #1 Indie Movie of 2016, and made $986,861 its second week.

     “Priceless” is about a grieving man who lost his wife, lost custody of his daughter, and has been hired to drive a truck to a designated location. The man’s life starts to change when he discovers precious cargo in the back of his truck, and finds out that the cargo he is delivering is two young women who have been taken from their home. Through a series of events, the man sets out to let these girls free from captivity. 

     One of the cons of the movie was the characterization. The characterization was so brief that some of the scenes feel choppy. Because of the choppy details, some of the scenes were either rushed or dragged on a bit. Another con of the movie was that it holds itself back when certain parts had a natural atmosphere of disturbance to them. When a movie is supposed to spark awareness, it should not be too excessive in its disturbing content, but the movie should not hold back either.

     The positive aspects of this movie were the production values that were put into this movie. The screenplay was simple yet was beautiful to look at, and was not being too visual in the process. The script writing basically spoke for itself, and the locations were spot on, which plays a major part in the film.

     However, the biggest positive aspect of this movie was, despite being too brief with some things and holding back with its audience sometimes, “Priceless” still succeeds in delivering its message to spark human trafficking awareness. Priceless takes its message and audience seriously; the message was not too theatrical, nor was the message underplayed, and knows exactly how to deliver that message despite being brief. The movie depicts the nature of human trafficking with a natural disturbance, and gives the audience a turn in their stomach as the movie progresses. The movie succeeds in not being a form of entertainment – it succeeds in raising awareness. Watch this movie to be aware of an ongoing problem happening as of now.

     Priceless may not be a perfect movie to the average moviegoer, but movie goers should invest time in it at least as a rental. Priceless gets a 7 out of 10. To be a part of raising awareness for human trafficking and know more, visit or call the National Human Trafficking Resources Center at 1-888-373-7888.