Find out what’s new and upcoming part 1

Senior Discount, a pop punk band out of Providence, Rhode Island released “The Best Revenge” on Paper + Plastick Records (owned by Vinnie Fiorello of Less Than Jake). Check out the songs “Afterlife,” “Cindy” and their cover of the Cyndi Lauper song “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” If you like fun pop punk, you will love this album. You can learn more about the band at

No/Hugs has released a single titled “Your Satisfaction is Fake” and plan to release a full-length album in the near future. The video focuses on two transgender teenagers who wear masks to symbolize how many people feel they have to hide their true identities from the world.

Vinyl Theatre, an alt-pop band from Milwaukee, recently released their newest, entitled “Starcruiser” and are now on tour to promote the release.

Singer/guitarist Keegan Calmes says, “Starcruiser to us has been a journey of self-discovery and human resilience. Each song comes from a heartfelt and personal place and weaves its way through our lives and the lives of our family and friends. Through the caverns of anxiety and depression to the mountainous heights of victory and elation. This record wouldn’t be what it is without this tour and the inverse is just as true. This year we bring to you our best version of Vinyl Theatre we could create. We hope to see you at an upcoming show and we cannot wait to give you the full-length record we’ve been working on.”

You can catch them on Oct. 29 at Crowbar.

On Nov. 17, the legendary hardcore band Atreyu returns to Tampa to perform at the Ritz Ybor to promote their latest release, “In Our Wake.”

“This album is sort of a happy place for Atreyu,” says drummer/singer Brandon Saller. “We’ve gone down many roads. We’ve always been a diverse band that tried new things but this is different. This is a whole new level.”

Playing with Atreyu is Memphis May Fire. Their new album, “Broken,” will be released Nov. 16, and you can hear the first single here.

Pop band Other Americans recently released their self-titled ep. They describe themselves as “opulent splendor-core, Electro-alternative, trip-pop” on their Facebook page, but they also have some disco elements on the song “Curtis.”

Just in time for Halloween, Jeremy Wagner released his horror book, “Rabid Heart” that asks, “how far would you go for love when all you love is dead?”

Wagner’s debut novel, “The Armageddon Chord,” peaked at #4 on Barnes & Noble’s Top 10 paperback Bestseller List and peaked at #9 on Barnes & Noble’s Top 100 overall Bestseller List in the first week of release. The novel also earned a Hiram Award, a first-round ballot Stoker Award Nomination, and received critical acclaim in Publisher’s Weekly and Rolling Stone, among many other worldwide media outlets. You can purchase “Rabid Heart” anywhere books are sold and watch a trailer for it here.

Stick to Your Guns is currently on tour with Emmure. They are set to perform at the Orpheum on Nov. 7 where they will play in their comfort zone.

It has been 8 years since the noise rock band Daughters released their acclaimed self-titled album. All of that changed on Oct. 26 with the release of “You Won’t Get What You Want.” Band members want this to be an opportunity for music fans to unite.

“We’re getting what we wanted out of it,” Nick Sadler, guitar, says. “As I get older, I like the concept of just sharing things with other people and being somewhat considerate of the folks who listen to music. For all of the nihilism and pessimism we might be associated with, I hope the album provides more ways to connect with others.”


Slash ft. Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators has been enjoying high praises for the new album, “Living the Dream,” released on Sept. 21.

Los Angeles Times calls it, “His best work, full of unexpected funk, boogie, blues and garage rock influences.”

Check out “My Antidote,” their third single.

Finally, “Hands Down Olivia” is the first single from “Tequila Sunrise,” the new album by Buffalo, NY based indie-rock duo Super American. The album was  released Sept. 1.