Captain Marvel: no man needed

Promotion picture of the newly released Marvel Comic Universe film, Captain Marvel.

As the much anticipated Avengers Endgame movie is approaching, comic movie enthusiasts get the missing pieces of the puzzle in “Captain Marvel.”

This mesmerizing superhero is one of a kind in a very literal way. If you are a comic aficionado, you may already know the depth of this hero’s powers. Marvel has powers surpassing the rest of the Avengers team, hence why S.H.I.E.L.D leader, Agent Fury, felt she was the one that could save the universe from the wrath of Thanos.

Captain Marvel’s setting takes place in the 1990s, a time where Blockbusters and Radio Shacks were in every corner. This nostalgic feeling almost mirrors that of Guardians of the Galaxy, where Peter Quill is infatuated with his cassette player and his mother’s 70s tracks. With beepers and Nine Inch Nails t-shirts, Brie Larson delivers the humorous, female-driven film we didn’t know we needed.

The film starts with Carol Danvers who suffers from amnesia and has recurring nightmares of an unknown woman scientist. Upon landing on planet C-53, Earth, Carol builds a friendly relationship with a younger Nick Fury, who at the time, still has all of his facial features. Unlike most superhero movies before it, Captain Marvel does not include a romantic storyline. Rather it places emphasis on Danvers’s friendships with Fury and a retired pilot by the name of Maria Rambeau.

Throughout the film, Danvers is working on orders of the Supreme Intelligence, capturing those who have begun a war with The Kree. With early training scenes and flashbacks, the film captures the inner strength of Danvers to not give up on herself. She is her own savior and motivation. She does not need the love of a man to unleash her superhero powers, only that of her own perseverance.

As per usual, the audience also gets a cameo of the beloved Stan Lee, along with a few Easter eggs that you may relate to other Marvel Comic films. Captain Marvel has two credit scenes, one for your comic relief and another as a glimpse of what is to come on the subsequent Marvel film.