Out on a LIMB(S)


Jason Turner

Concert goers and the band agree LIMBS is “Number 1” with their fans.


The Tampa-based post-hardcore band LIMBS is currently on tour opening for The Plot In You, Like Moths to Flames and Day­seeker. LIMBS had a homecom­ing of sorts when the tour made a stop at Crowbar on April 12. At the show, guitarist Jordan Hunter took some time to talk to the Hawkeye. “The entire tour has just been incredible,” says Hunter, “morale’s been really high on this tour.”

The bands are all getting along. There have been quite a few sold out shows and shows that have been close to selling out. Hunter says the tour has been very successful so far. The show in Atlanta was good because LIMBS has played there a few times before and has a fan base. For the most part, people have been hearing and see­ing LIMBS for the first time and have had a great reaction to them.

Being the opening act of four bands, LIMBS is playing a 25-minute set. The set contains three songs the band has never played live before along with a few returning favorites. The first song in the set is unreleased. The band had some time to rehearse new music for this tour, so they took advantage.

“It’s been a lot of fun. It’s been invigorating to be able to play new songs live and not be stuck in the same repertoire.” One of the new songs is the new single, “Aban­doned.”

Regarding the single, Hunter says, “Abandoned was produced by Tim Mc­Tague of Underoath. It was really interesting writing this song because, in the past, our writing struc­ture has been formulated around one primary writ­er. ‘Abandoned’ is a track where we all sat down in a room and wrote as a group from start to finish. It’s been really cool develop­ing that collective-based style of writing because we aren’t used to that.”

Hunter says he would like to continue writing as a band, as it was a very empowering experience. The band members have always been actively in­volved with all aspects of recording. Working from the origin of the song to creating master recordings has been a good experience.

LIMBS has more songs ready to be released in the near future. The band plans to come back to Tampa soon to write and record more material. There are also some upcoming tours the band has not yet an­nounced. Hunter’s immediate goals for the band include challenging themselves to write more collectively and make the best record they are capable of making. All the members want to push themselves to be able to release something they are proud of, to follow their previous releases. Hunter says they would like to tour with Every Time I Die, who has been a big influence on the LIMBS. If the opportunity to play with a band of a differ­ent genre, he also says he would like to play with The Midnight, an 80’s-style synth-pop band.

“I don’t listen to nearly as much heavy music as some people may think,” Hunter says. “People like many different genres of music. There are so many, metal, mu­sicians I speak with and ask who they listen to. They name some ob­scure, random solo artist or some acoustic stuff. I don’t know how to explain that; it’s been a funny observa­tion that I’ve had over the years.”

Be on the lookout for more music and tours by LIMBS. They put on a very energetic show and inter­act with the audience be­fore, during and after their set. For example, bassist Josh Kowalski sometimes jumps into the crowd to dance with people. You will be able to find all of the band members walking around before and after they play. Go see them next time they come home and say hello. Find them online at www.whoislimbs.com.