From old and abandoned to new and reused

Mixed Media Assemblage 5

Rocky Bridges:  Mixed Media Assemblage

Mixed Media Assemblage 2  Ybor City Art Gallery held an exhibit featuring Artist Rocky Bridges’ “Mixed Media Assemblage”. Florida native Rocky Bridges graduated from a Cooper Union located in New York City and is currently teaching at the Harrison Arts Center located in Lakeland. Bridges is most famously known for his work with reinventing found objects.

  His new body of work featured included over 20 pieces of found man-made objects, reassembled to convey a “new life”. In his artist’s statement Bridges explained how he relates these timeworn materials to people in our society.

  He states, “Once their capabilities become limited or their role in life becomes non-productive, they simply become old and ‘broken.” He took these old, abandoned, found items and transferred them into works of art full of life and color. Bridges’ goal was to give these materials a new purpose, as well as, convey a positive peaceful vibe to his viewers. He did this through the use of mixing bright and relaxing colors as well, various types of material.

  As all art exhibits here at HCC, the gallery is free and open to the public.

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