Get out of town with StudentUniverse


Courtesy of StudentUniverse

Many students like to travel but do not always know the resources they have. With the large number of websites and services, it is sometimes hard to know what to do. StudentUniverse is a company that caters to students and educators. Danielle Dougan, the company’s publicist spoke briefly about what StudentUniverse is and how people can use its services.

StudentUniverse was founded more than a decade ago by two international students who had come to the United States for college. They knew how expensive it could be flying back and forth internationally on a student budget. They founded StudentUniverse with the mission of making global experiences possible for students. Trips can be for education, study abroad, Gap Years, or even just leisure trips.

StudentUniverse decided to focus on students because they are “uniquely positioned with their college schedules offering extended breaks and the opportunities presented (like study abroad) to be able to use that period of their lives to explore the world in a way that likely won’t be possible at many other times.” The company also offers discounts to educators because they often organize student trips. The group travel department negotiates fares for groups of ten or more people traveling on the same itinerary.

Dougan feels that StudentUniverse stands out from the other discount-travel companies because it works with over 90 airlines and “tens of thousands hostel/hotel brands and tour providers.” It is able to offer discounts not on other sites of up to 40% to students and youth. Students can often find other promo codes and discounts besides the regular ones.

In order to take advantage of the low prices and other sales, students should create an account and become verified as a student. Then they will have access to prices exclusive to students. Dougan also recommends they sign up for the newsletters to keep informed of sales, sweepstakes, and promo codes.

In addition to travel and hotel services, StudentUniverse also offers tours. According to Dougan, “students who want to see a new corner of the world without planning all the day trips and researching what to see, or who may be traveling solo or in a small group and want to meet other travelers, often go with the option of booking our discounted tours.” The tours are not priced with the flights, but StudentUniverse will help with discounted flight arrangements when people book tours. Tours are all over the world and are geared towards all kinds of travelers.

When looking for travel, whether it is for a long trip or just a weekend flight out of town, check out for prices geared towards students, youth, and educators. Make sure to register and sign up for their newsletter at StudentUniverse would love to be your one-stop travel provider.