What will you sacrifice?

Kaitlyn Narvaez, Hawkeye Staff


Lent can mean many things, whether you are seeking rejuvenation, renewal or solemnity. Lent starts with Ash Wednesday which this year lands on March 6 and ends 40 days later not counting Sundays, usually on Easter. Ash Wednesday, for Roman Catholics, is supposed to prepare members of the church to appreciate the death of Christ through self-examination, repentance, fasting, prayer, and self-denial.

The Ashes used for Ash Wednesday are from burned palms that are blessed from the previous year’s Palm Sunday. They are then placed on a worshipper’s forehead in the shape of a cross by the priest as he is saying “Remember man, that dust thou art, and unto dust thou shalt return.”

The 40 days are supposed to represent the 40 days Jesus spent in the wild enduring the temptation of Satan.  During Lent Christians and Catholics are to focus on their relationship with God and usually choose to give up (sacrifice) something or volunteer and give themselves for others. Throughout these 40 days Christians and Catholics restrain from eating meat and poultry on Ash Wednesday and every Friday during Lent, but what they can eat is fish.

The reason meat is avoided is it is considered to be a delicacy. So they are asked to give it up at certain times as a sacrifice and suppose to unite “sufferings”. The sacrifices made are supposed to show the love of God through obedience to the Church of Christ.

The reason why fish is okay to eat is that it was deemed as an everyday meal, unlike meat. April 19, the Friday before Easter, is known as Good Friday and is during Holy Week and it signifies the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death of the Calvary.

During Good Friday, Christians and Catholics should not only eat meat but also only have one full meal or two smaller meals. After Good Friday is Eater, which is April 21.

Easter is celebrated as Jesus Christ’s victory over death. It is the day he resurrected from the dead. The modern-day celebration of Easter is to recognize Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead and his glorious promises of eternal life.

When talking to Meghan Moriarty about Lent, she said it is the best time of year for her because she is able to challenge herself for 4o days and with the help of God, she is able to get through her sacrifices with such ease. Last year she was able to give up social media.

When asking her how it was she said “At first it was weird not feeling connected to the outside world basically, but with time I
actually felt more connected with my family and friends because instead of seeing what they’re doing online. I was able to actually talk to them and ask them in person. It was a great cleanse.” This year she said she will giving up meat in totality.

With major consideration for what I will be giving up this lent, I have finally decided that I will be challenging myself and actually making my own food and also giving up any and all types of carbohydrates. Lately, I have been eating out a lot and eating loads of carbs because of the convenience. So to better myself and my health I will be challenging myself to give such things up. So what will you sacrifice for Lent?