Convention Do’s and Don’ts

Jaalin Harvey, Hawkeye Staff

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Convention season is upon us. With Megacon, Metrocon, and Anime Festival Orlando just around the corner, nerds from all over the state will begin the pilgrimage to visit these conventions. Conventions are something that many of the nerd community can get into. Whether you like video games, anime, cartoons, superheroes, and/or obscure niche movies you’re welcome at the cons. But for those who are new and just getting into the convention scene, cons may seem a bit intimidating and overwhelming. This article should be able to help you out so that you have the best con experience that you can.


The very first thing should be a no brainer, but you’ll be surprised to learn that this happens more often than it should. Cons are packed with people, often covering whole convention centers. You’re going to be walking all day long, and even though you’re going to be in an air-conditioned building you’re going to work up a sweat. Please just wear deodorant and if you’re a huskier person maybe take some deodorant with you. If you know you can work up a sweat and a stink, it doesn’t hurt to take some with you and apply it in the bathroom. Just wear deodorant, please

  • Plan out your day


There are all kinds of things going on at the conventions, between all of the meet and greets, panels, and shows it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Luckily most cons have the convention schedule on their websites weeks in advance. Before you go, sit down and try to pinpoint what you want to see and do. But don’t jam-pack your day with things back to back; it’s good to leave room for random encounters with cosplayers or other people you might run into on the convention floor.

  • Be Polite with Cosplayers

Speaking of cosplayers, conventions are literally littered with them. You’re bound to see one cosplayer cosplaying a character that is dear to your heart. Politely stop them and ask them for pictures. Be sure to not come off as creepy or demanding. Respect cosplayers. Inquisitive Meows, also known as Todd, is a popular cosplayer that travels the Flordia convention circuit “In the past, I’ve had people get really handsy with me.” Speaks Todd, “I don’t mind taking pictures with people, in fact, I love it. But I don’t like being felt up.”

  • Go to the After Parties

Most cons, especially on Saturdays, have huge parties after the con is over for the day. This reporter has had firsthand experience with this, as a few summers ago I stumbled into an after party at the resort swimming pool where Anime Festival Orlando was taking place. The pool was packed full of people having a great time. Conventions also have huge raves with strobe lights, fog, and people wearing tons of neon garb. There are also smaller parties that happen at surrounding hotels. It’s all about who you know.