Bills or Benefits screened at Youth and Family Night


Raymiya Thicklin

Ric Mathis crew speaks on black economics.

Raymiya Thicklin, Staff Writer

  The Youth and Family Night took place Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2016, at 5:30 p.m. The event kicked off with a pre-show that displayed local talent including the rappers Shaid Tree and Dexter Davis on the bass guitar.

  “When you die will you leave behind bills or benefits?” That was the question directed to the audience at the Tampa Bay Black Heritage Youth and Family Night. The main show featured a movie from Ric Mathis entitled “The Film Black Friday.”

  Mathis is an independent film director who travels the world to show his movie in hopes to change the spending habits in the AfricanAmerican community.

  The film focused on black economics and the relatively frequent habits of how African-American spend their money.

  The documentary follows Mathis ventures around the city of Atlanta and meets with local celebrities and recording artist to discuss how they were raised to spend their money.

  Several of the individuals featured said that they were not taught how to save and invest in certain endeavors. They were only taught to work to pay for their bills and the rest of their funds went to leisure.

  After the movie came to an end, there was a panel discussion. The panel discussion consisted of youth from around Tampa Bay who knew a little about finances and how to keep up with their money.

  The panel also discussed a solution to the financial problem of whether or not to start a business.

  By creating small businesses, people will be able to contribute to each others businesses. This would be a major investment for oneself in return.

  The panel proposed, instead of spending money elsewhere, the money would be filtered into the community to help it grow and become financially stable.

  Other solutions offered were to cut back on the impulsive spending and start utilizing financial plans that could help decrease debt. The youth showed great understanding of finances and how the problem can be solved in the community.

  Toward the end of the Youth and Family Night, the discussion opened up to the audience for a Q&A with Mathis.

  The film is a useful tool for college students. College students can learn from this film no matter their ethnicity.

  All students should learn how and when to make investments, and this event helps out. Planning for the future helps students and youth take control of their funds. These models and plans that the youth present can be used on college students as well