Christmas decoration outbreak: ‘Tis the season to be jolly!

Walmart Christmas decorations arrrived weeks before Halloween


Walmart Christmas decorations arrrived weeks before Halloween

Jason Kruse , Hawkeye Staff

      It is official everyone: Christmas will also be celebrated on Halloween. Christmas was once a holiday that was contained until after Thanksgiving, but like most aspects, time changes things. People would shop on Black Friday to start the Christmas economy, egg nog was stocked up in grocery stores, not to mention the mint and chocolate candies selling like crazy. In addition to that, people start to see the red and green in every store, Christmas trees and ornaments decorated every corner ranging from department stores, hardware stores, and homes, and Christmas music played on the radio all the way into February.

     This used to be the case. However, Christmas is like El Niño, and it is coming earlier! It initially commenced in the beginning of November, and now it started to come in September. Christmas is coming earlier, and earlier, and Christmas is spreading now into Halloween! What will be next, Christmas on the Fourth of July? Well, in that case, why not Christmas every year? Money rolling in from the massive purchases, finding a gift for that significant other down to buying decorations year round. Heck, there might even be aisles filled with last year’s decorations on discount, because why not?

     Do not be surprised if children decide to dress up as Santa for Halloween, or if houses are decorated yearly. Picture a haunted house with a gingerbread man outside, then walk inside to see a miniature Christmas village set up somewhere inside the house, and the same Christmas songs playing over and over again. Happy Halloween right? Truly that is what will make Halloween better! Trick or treat replaced with ‘tis the season to be jolly, or quite simply ho ho ho.

     And what about Easter? Say goodbye to Easter, because it will be Christmas in spring. In some ways, the Easter Bunny and Santa are in on it together. Easter baskets with Christmas candy, Easter egg hunts with Santa, decorating eggs into an ugly sweater pattern with green, red, and white. It is madness, and it won’t stop; even the Grinch is cackling about Christmas all year round!

     Do not be surprised, ladies and gentlemen, if this were to happen. The only thing anyone can do is simply join in because there is no use in fighting it. Go ahead and decorate your houses for Christmas, dress up the kids in ugly sweaters or miniature Santas and elves, crack open the egg nog, listen to the same songs over and over again, decorate the tree, and don’t forget to spread good cheer to everyone you meet. Instead of saying, “How are you doing today,” it will be, “How are you doing on this holly jolly Christmas morning, neighbor?” Christmas is spreading ladies and gentlemen, and there is nothing that can be done. Christmas is spreading. Ho ho ho.