Movie review: Homefront

Movie review: Homefront

Rob Bridenstine / Staff

Director Gary Fleder and actress Izabela Vidovic share film secrets.

The movie “Home Front” directed by Gary Fleder is about a single father, Phil Broker, who is played by Jason Statham. Trying to escape his past as an undercover cop and have a normal life for his daughter (played by Izabela Vidovic), the two move to a small town in Louisiana to start over. As the movie progresses, Phil Broker soon learns escaping from his past is harder than he had thought.

Other actors include the antagonist Gator, a drug dealer played by James Franco, and Sheryl Mott, played by Winona Ryder. The movie is based on the novel written by Chuck Logan. Gator is someone that cooks and sells meth in his community, his goal is only to expand his company to big distributors.

Izabela Vidovic’s character is nice little girl on the outside, but she is really a girl that knows how to defend herself, and get herself out of tough situations. The movie takes places in Louisiana, a perfect place to set the mood of the movie. Between the swamps and the small city, it really looks like a place that someone would go to settle down and live there.

Action stirs up when Phil Broker’s daughter defends herself from a local boy, and gets blamed as being the bully. Phil then gets put in a situation were he has to also defend himself. From there, the community, involving Gator’s sister, played by Kate Bosworth, starts to think of Phil as a loose cannon, but he tries his best to fix things quickly to put this behind him before he has a real problem on his hands.

This movie is action packed filled with thrill around the corner having people on the edge of their seats. It is about time there is a movie that has realistic features for a hero. It is not like a movie that only relies on the green screen for every fight scene. This movie uses brute force in hand to hand combat, and that is what makes the fights look so real. In an interview, the director was asked how he made the fighting in the movie so realistic. He answered by saying “The violence is very personal. I think what is happening more and more is that violence is becoming more cartoony in movies, so my thing was to keep it kind of exciting, but to also keep it real.”

The movie also does a really great job on chase scenes by adding boats and using the setting of the movie to its advantages. Gator’s house is accessible by the river, and that gives a small town community feeling by traveling by boat.

“Home Front” debuted November 27. I highly recommend seeing it; especially if if you are a of classic action films.

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  1. Jay on December 5th, 2013 1:37 pm

    Very cool.. thanks for the review! I will check this out!


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