Food for your Buck: Burger 21


Hawkeye Staff

Hawkeye staff writer EliuDaniel Reyes enjoys the first bite of his burger.

Picture it: the feel of the golden brown buns against your palms, the aroma from the grilled beef patty filling your nostrils, and making your mouth water.

You sink your carnivores into what can only be called a delicacy and are immersed into the depths of nirvana where nothing exists but you and the celebration of your senses. You can find this tantalizing experience at the one and only Burger 21, the perfect spot to fill your belly and to save a few bucks doing so.

The establishment’s fantastic service, coupled with high-quality ingredients and fair prices, makes it a natural go-to spot for HCC students. 

Upon initially walking in, employees greet you kindly, which helps make the environment welcoming. Later, If you are unsure of what to order, a cashier can assist you in choosing a burger. After selecting, you should expect a wait of roughly five minutes before getting your meal. All it takes is one bite of their burger for you to be amazed; for only $6, you are given such a superb burger. 

It shouldn’t take long to realize that Burger 21 reigns as my favorite place to get a burger — each meal is cooked to perfection and has just the amount of flavor to appreciate the efforts of the cook. The ingredients are also incredibly fresh, and it’s always noticeable. 

After finishing the burger, don’t forget about the fries— although they aren’t the best you’ll ever have, they’re still pretty good. Although they could use a little bit more salt and be made thicker.

I can advise anyone that is looking for some affordable and quality burgers that you should visit Burger 21. 

The Hawkeye’s “Food For Your Buck” scale gives Burger 21 a 10 out of 10.