Teachers who don’t teach

Don’t you just hate it when you wake up in the morning to attend school just to find the teacher isn’t teaching you anything?

Instead, they waste your time by sharing stories about something completely irrelevant.

Not only has your time been wasted, but the money you spent on the class as well.

In my math class in middle school, the students would either feed the teacher or braid her hair, sometimes both. She didn’t teach us anything, and when I was in high school, she somehow managed to become an assistant principal for the school.

Former HCC student, Zeus Vann once had a teacher in middle school who would always boast about how he was going to do something with his life. The teacher would always tell the students about how qualified he was to teach the class, yet he would not teach.

Now that we are all in college, you’d have expected things would change.
Sadly, even in college, some professors follow this pattern as well. I am taking a class with a professor who either talks about something he did when he was younger or lecture the class on his strong dislike of the president.

Polk State College student, Jawan McClinton once took an economics class, and he claims the teacher would always go on about how he ‘never argued with his wife’ or how he had ‘he same car since 1980.’

Ruth Ferkings, a former guidance counselor, once took a statistics class in college and said the professor always appeared as if he ‘was as drunk as a skunk.’ He would put the formula on the board, and after that, it was everyone for themselves.

However, there are some great teachers who do their job well and love what they do.

My anatomy teacher in high school always taught with passion and helped us better understand the subject. If we had questions on the subject, he would always answer them.

Still, it seems examples like these only make up a small percentage of educators. Sure, often the blame can be directed towards students causing disturbances that make it difficult to instruct a class, yet this isn’t always the case.

The sad reality is some terrible educators in life simply don’t teach. While this seems unfair, all you can do is just hang in there and do your best.