Food for your Buck: Jeremiah’s Italian Ice

If you’re looking for a sweet spot to fill your belly at a good price then “Jeremiah’s Italian Ice” is the place for you.

Jeremiah’s dining situation is partially outside, which gives off a very casual and relaxing vibe. Which makes it an ideal spot to hang out with friends or even bring a date. Their service is nice, and they provide plenty of tables to seat their customers.

Their menu primarily consists of ice cream, Gelati and Italian Ice. They offer a plethora of flavors with some examples being cookie butter, mango and even pumpkin pie. My personal favorite flavor being chocolate chip mint with vanilla ice cream. Their diversity in the menu makes it a place where everyone can find something to enjoy.

Furthermore, their prices are extremely low considering the quality of said food, ranging from $2.65 for a small serving to $5.95 for a quart.

They have a lot of good deals and even have an app that utilizes a point system designed to offer deals and even free servings the more you purchase at the establishment.

Their Ice cream is incredibly soft and rich with flavor, providing just the right amount of sugary sweetness without being excessive and leaves you with a desire to buy more.

While some might argue their outdoor seating is less than ideal considering the weather in Florida, I would disagree.

Their unique seating arrangement allows for a more open environment and in contrast to other establishments like Twistee treat, they provide a garage-like enclosure that shields costumers from less than ideal weather.

I highly recommend “Jeremiah’s Italian Ice” for all those seeking to quench their sweet tooth while still keeping some change in their wallets.

This restaurant offers a little something for everyone and is an ideal setting to bring family and friends.

Lastly, college students should be pleased to hear that they offer free wifi, so you can nestle up in a chill place and do some homework.

The Hawkeye’s Food for your Buck scale gives “Jeremiah’s Italian Ice” a 10 out of 10 rating.