Emo Night Brooklyn comes back to Tampa

Giovanna Cano, Staff

Emo Night Brooklyn returned once again to The Orpheum in Ybor City, Sept. 23. A show that is best described as a nostalgic event for the genre of emo rock music from the early 2000s. The term emo is short for its original title “emotional hardcore punk,” which describes the focus of the music being the emotionally expressive lyrics. Think bands such as Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance, Dashboard Confessional and Jimmy Eat World.

A typical Emo Night in Ybor begins outside the Orpheum where there’s people waiting in line dressed in black skinny jeans, old band t-shirts and Converse sneakers. The show officially starts when one of the host pours a drink and raises it high while he tells the crowd that they plan on partying until the venue kicks them out. Then the intro to the song “Seventy Times Seven” by Brand New starts playing as people head bang and jump around. Later in the night, the song “Ohio Is for lovers” by Hawthorne Heights will have the entire crowd shouting that their heart is in Ohio. Yet the night isn’t complete until a single G note is heard from a piano. Then everyone in the room suddenly remembers when they were a “young boy,” which lyrics refer to the iconic song “The Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance. This is Emo Night Brooklyn.

The event is hosted by Ethan Maccoby and Alex Badanes, friends who started the show in Brooklyn, New York. As their success grew, so did the event which now tours across the country. However, the party always finds its way back to Florida. Maccoby believed this was their 10th show in Tampa with a crowd of about 400 to 500 people. This atmosphere brings a diverse group of people and with it a sense of togetherness.

This September’s show included a tribute to Chester Bennington, former lead singer of Linkin Park. Ethan honored the singer by telling the crowd that without Bennington’s music, he wouldn’t be here on the stage right now. He then followed the show with the “Papercut,” one of

Linkin Park’s most recognizable songs.

Stephanie Stein, a 22-year old HCC graduate, says it will be her fourth time attending the event. She says each time is better than the last. “There’s just something about a room full of strangers singing along to Mr. Brightside [a song by The Killers] at one in the morning that’s exciting.” The event reminds the crowd to “scream, rage, dance and repeat,” which is exactly what Stein says she experiences. “You know they’re just DJing but it feels like you’re at a real concert in 2004 and you know the words to every song.” Stein also says that singing the lyrics to the song “I’m Not Okay” by My Chemical Romance is “a lot more fun” in a crowd full of people compared to alone in her bedroom. She even recalls, seeing people crowd surfing and forming mosh pits, but her favorite part is being able to climb on stage and dance with a drink in her hand.

However, if the memory of the night became blurry in the morning, there will be more chances to relive the experience and savor every moment of it. Maccoby says, “Tampa can expect a show every two to three months”. Emo Night Brooklyn is known for having special guest appearances at their shows including former lead singer of  Yellowcard, Ryan Key, and former lead singer of  The Academy Is, William Beckett. As for this show, Jake Garland of Memphis Mayfire led the stage as fans screamed at his presence.