21 Savage

Breonna Peddleton, Staff

Atlanta’s well-known artist Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, also known as 21 Savage, got indicted on February 3, 2019. Just a few hours before the Super Bowl, 21 Savage was driving when out of nowhere guns and lights were in his face. As 21 savage stated, all he heard was ICE say “We got Savage.” That moment 21 savage was in shock because he didn’t know why he was being arrested. That day 21 was taken into custody for being in the country illegally and for being a convicted felon. Even though 21’s conviction was expunged last September in 2018. An ICE Spokesman says 21 Savage came into the United States at the age of 12. In 2006 his visa expired. But the real question is after several years later, why now? Why arrest 21 Savage on the day he was on his way to the Super Bowl? Why have him detained for 9 days in the Irwin County Detention Center in South Georgia for overstaying a visa almost a decade ago? Is ICE trying to target 21 Savage or are they just doing their job? The 21 savage case raises a lot of questions and brings a lot of things to light.

For the last 4 years, 21 Savage has risen to the top of Atlanta’s trending rappers. His first mixtape was ‘The Slaughter Taper’. It was released in May 2015. 21 savage developed a unique hyper drilling sound in rap that no one ever heard. By 2017, 21 Savage dropped ‘The Slaughter King’, ‘Savage Mode’, ‘Issa Album’, and ‘Without Warning’. By 2018 dropped ‘I Am > I Was’, which came to be one of his greatest albums. ‘I Am > I Was’ explains 21 savage’s trials and tribulations from heartbreaks to people stabbing him in the back to him growing from the pain and turning into a young man.

With all this success 21 savage has gained the question still floats in the air, “Why arrest 21 Savage now?” 21 Savage had the rights to bond out the same day he was arrested but wasn’t granted bond. Was it because he was a flight risk or as the ICE Spokesman said, “He is a danger to the community”, which he is neither because by law he is not a convicted felon. It may be because of the songs that 21 savage makes. But if this is the case, then that means all artists should watch what they sing about. At the end of the day, the people and fans are still waiting for direct answers about 21 Savage’s arrest. Why did the police pull over 21 Savage? Why was 21 Savage held in ICE custody for 9 days? All these questions and still no answer!