The Humane Society of Tampa Bay: a place built on positivity and kindness


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Scouting volunteers read books to dogs to help them socialize.

When you think of an animal shelter, you usually suspect the primary focus of this organization is to give stray animals a good home. The Humane Society of Tampa Bay greatly exceeds that role. This Humane Society is a private and independent non-profit animal shelter/hospital serving the homeless, at-risk animals in Tampa Bay and beyond. This shelter also offers an abundance of activities and programs that benefits adults, children, and animals alike. From food assistance programs to complimentary year-end planning seminars.

The food assistance program pertains to aiding low-income or homeless citizens who are struggling to provide food for their pets. Other events they host include a pumpkin patch (located at the shelter and Hyde Park Village), a Halloween extravaganza offering free barbeque, beer and candy. The shelter has plenty of activities and volunteer opportunities.

In 1912, The Humane Society of Tampa Bay was founded. In 2004, they became a “No Kill for Space” facility. In 2012, they built the animal hospital to provide the community with affordable and top of the line pet-care. Their mission is dedicated to ending animal homelessness and providing care and comfort for companion animals in need. They are the first non-profit animal hospital to be an American Animal Hospital Association accredited in Florida. This shelter partners with respected businesses to make their vision and mission come true. Some partners are Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center, Meals on Wheels of Tampa, The Spring of Tampa Bay, Blanket Tampa Bay, and numerous cat rescue groups such as Cat CrusadersCat Calls and Rebels Rescue.

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay is all about growing a happier and healthier community, and they have the statistics to prove their extensive growth. In 2019, 7,877 animals were saved, and 26,330 pets were healed. In August, the total live intake was 1,033. Out of those 1,033 animals, 815 canines and felines were adopted, 28 returned to the owners, 51 transferred to another agency, and 39 transferred to the fields. Only seven felines under five months died under their care.

Giving back to the community is a very selfless and humbling act. Companionship from animals is important, and it is fundamental to treat them with respect. If you are an animal lover or want to complete community service, feel free to apply on their website at